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Pocket Moustache Comb with Keyring

Our range of hand-crafted combs are made from cellulose acetate material - a blend of natural plant extract. The smooth, rounded teeth stimulate the hair cuticles' natural oils, ensuring strong and healthy hair for the perfect groom.

The 1541 London BC11 Comb is a pocket sized moustache comb that is not only ideal for grooming your moustache, but also ensuring your keys are safe!

This hand-crafted beauty has saw-cut teeth that are polished and rounded to work through your 'stache' effortlessly.

Keep your Keys and Stache safe using the 1541 London BC11 Moustache Comb.

Hand Crafted for The Gallant Man!

Comb Length - 7.9cm.

  • now £3.99

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